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3 hours Tour
start point Alexanderplatz


Explore Berlin's Historical Highlights and iconic landmarks as you pedal on an (E) Bike, or ride on an (E)Scooter we provided.


Let you drive in our comfortable (E)rickshaws with skilled and safe drivers for participants who prefer to avoid biking.

Take can also take your bike, rent a bike with an App, or from your hotel, and enjoy our guided 3 hours Berlin Historical combined tour.  

The Tour is multi language in English, German, Dutch, French, Turkish, Chinese, and other languages upon request.


If you seek a unique practical environment-friendly, and memorable option to explore most of Berlin's sights 3 hours Tour?

Discover Berlin in the most practical and eco-friendly way possible with our Berlin by Bike, (E) Scooter, and Rickshaw Tour. Our tour is perfect for individuals, groups, and guests of all ages. 


Experience Berlin's landmarks up close and capture unforgettable photos with our practical and eco-friendly bike rickshaw. Our rickshaw tours are also perfect for those with limited mobility, as the rickshaw is easily accessible. Sit back and relax while our friendly and knowledgeable guides take you on a city tour, sharing their passion for Berlin. 


Our guides are certified, local, experienced, and informative, offering tours in English, German, Dutch, French, Turkish, Chinese, and other languages upon request. We provide support before, during, and after your tour, and we are committed to fulfilling our promises. With our city knowledge, we are confident you will enjoy the tour. 


Our tours can be private and customized to meet your preferences. Get in touch with us to book your unforgettable Berlin experience today.


Explore Berlin easily on our combined (e)bike and (e)roller tours, or take a leisurely ride on our Berlin Rickshaw Sightseeing tour. Our tours are the most practical and all-inclusive way to see the city. Join us for our Berlin by Bike and Rickshaw tour, which lasts three hours and covers the city's most iconic sites. 

Start your journey at Alexanderplatz, a bustling square and transportation hub. From there, we will take you on a bike tour or a rickshaw ride to Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that houses several museums, including the Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum, and Neues Museum. Experience the island's architectural beauty, delve into its rich history and explore its cultural treasures. 
We will also stop at Bebelplatz, known as the Square of Book Burning, where the Nazi regime burned books by Jewish and non-Aryan authors in 1933. Gain insights into the historical significance of this site and its profound impact on intellectual freedom. 
Continue your journey to Checkpoint Charlie, a former border crossing that divided East and West Berlin during the Cold War. Learn about its historical significance and the story of a divided city. Nearby, the Ministerium Airforce Hitler and the Topography of Terror offer deep insights into the crimes committed during the Nazi regime. Don't miss the chance to see an original piece of the Berlin Wall, historically situated near the Führerbunker (parking place). 
Pedal or enjoy a rickshaw ride to Potsdamer Platz, a vibrant square known for significant urban development. From there, pay a visit to the poignant Holocaust Memorial, a tribute to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. 
Continue your journey by bike or rickshaw to the iconic Brandenburger Tor, a symbol of Berlin and a significant historical monument. Afterwards, explore the grand boulevard of Unter den Linden, lined with notable buildings and landmarks. 
As you near the end of your tour, take in the impressive sights of Chancellery Berlin, the Reichstag building, and the Government Area. These landmarks offer unique insights into Berlin's political history and contemporary governance. 
Our "Berlin By Bike and Rickshaw" tour comprehensively explores Berlin's historical, cultural, and political significance. Booking your tour is easy - choose your preferred date, time, and tour duration, and we will take care of the rest. Contact us today to book your tour and experience the beauty and history of Berlin like never before.
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