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Mode of Transports

Choose from a variety of transport options, including rickshaws, bikes, minivans, and scooters, to suit your travel style and explore Berlin with ease.
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Welcome to the heart of Berlin, where the city's vibrant history and contemporary charm come to life. Our Berlin sightseeing tours offer a unique blend of convenience and excitement, providing various transportation options to suit your preferences and pace.


We offer diverse modes of exploration, from leisurely rickshaw rides to nimble (e)bikes and (e)scooters. Catering to every taste. For those seeking a more traditional experience, we offer journeys via public transport or comfortable minivans. If you prefer the intimate connection of walking, we have engaging walking tours designed just for you.


Our tours come in various durations to accommodate your schedule, whether you have a few hours or a full day to spare. Immerse yourself in the city's wonders with short, dynamic tours or opt for a more extensive exploration with full-day excursions.


Language should never be a barrier to discovery. Our tours are conducted in multiple languages, ensuring every visitor can connect with Berlin's rich history and vibrant culture in a language they are comfortable with.


Choose your mode of transportation, duration, and language to create a personalized sightseeing adventure. Whether you're a solo traveller or part of a group, our tours can be customized to match your interests and preferences.


Our expert guides are passionate about sharing the stories and secrets that make Berlin unique. Enjoy insightful commentary as you traverse the city's iconic landmarks and uncover lesser-known gems contributing to its unique character.


Embark on a journey that suits your style, timeframe, and language preference. From the eco-friendly buzz of (e)bikes to the leisurely pace of rickshaws, our Berlin sightseeing tours promise an unforgettable experience for every type of explorer. Book your adventure today, and let the discovery begin!

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