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Our team of private tour guides in Berlin is dedicated to delivering high-quality service and personalized experiences. We offer a variety of tours, including walking, biking, roller, minivan, bus, and boat tours. Our guides provide support in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, and other languages upon request.

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We are looking for a unique and exciting way to explore Berlin. Our Rickshaw Driver Guide Tour is the perfect choice for you!


Our knowledgeable and friendly guide will take you on an eco-friendly rickshaw ride to discover Berlin's rich history, culture, and attractions. 


From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the fascinating Museum Island and the historic Berlin Wall, You'll receive insider tips on Berlin's best local and international cuisines and entertainment spots.


Our Rickshaw Driver Guide Tour caters to individuals, families, private groups, and corporate events. We offer day and night tours for a minimum of two hours. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to explore Berlin in style - book your tour today!


Our tour is perfect for all ages, including less mobile guests. You can easily hop on and off our Rickshaw and stop anywhere you want to take pictures or explore further. Our guide will ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience in Berlin that you will never forget!


If you need to change the tour pickup time, you can do so a few days before. You can also book the same product multiple times if you're looking for a group or contact us. We look forward to guiding you through Berlin!

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