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Book online Berlin Combined program
Combine one or more days in Berlin!

Tailor-made programs to follow your interests are unique and practical for individuals and private groups. 


Book your flight and hotel for the others in Berlin, and we will take care of almost everything from A to Z. Your transfer, tours, tour guide, tour management and transport, Tickets, and other Tour Services combined. Following your unique interests, we have the most comfortable, efficient, informative, and flexible program.
Taylor made everything that suits your interests, including boat tours, shopping tours, entrance museums, and entrance attractions; don't hesitate and ask us for A quote.


3-day romantic itinerary for Berlin:

Day 1:

  • Start the day with a stroll through the Tiergarten, a large park in the heart of Berlin. Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenic views of the park's lakes and gardens.

  • Next, visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, which is dedicated to the wall's victims and Germany's division. Here you can see a preserved section of the wall and visit the Chapel of Reconciliation, which was built on the site of a former church that was destroyed during the construction of the wall.

  • After lunch, head to the Prenzlauer Berg neighbourhood, known for its charming cafes, boutique shops, and historic architecture. Take a leisurely walk through the streets and stop for a coffee or a sweet treat.

  • End the day with a romantic dinner at a cosy restaurant in the neighbourhood, such as Oderquelle or Gugelhof.

Day 2:

  • Start the day by visiting the Charlottenburg Palace, a stunning baroque palace that dates back to the 17th century. Take a guided tour of the palace's opulent interiors and stroll through the palace gardens.

  • Next, head to Museum Island, a cluster of five world-renowned museums that house a vast collection of art and artefacts. Don't miss the Alte Nationalgalerie, which features romantic and impressionist art from the 19th century.

  • After lunch, take a boat tour along the Spree River, which offers a unique perspective on the city's architecture and landmarks. You can enjoy a drink or two while taking in the views.

  • End the day with a sunset stroll along the East Side Gallery, the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall. The murals and artwork on the wall make for a romantic backdrop.

Day 3:

  • Start the day by visiting the Grunewald Forest, a large forested area in western Berlin. Rent a bike, explore the trails, or take a relaxing hike together.

  • Next, head to the Berlin Zoo, one of the world's oldest and most diverse zoos. The zoo is home to over 20,000 animals and offers a unique way to spend the afternoon together.

  • After the zoo, head to the Friedrichshain neighbourhood and visit the Klunkerkranich rooftop bar. The bar offers stunning city views and a laid-back, romantic atmosphere.

  • End the day with a romantic dinner at a fine dining restaurant such as Pauly Saal or Nobelhart & Schmutzig.

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